Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared Sauna


Infrared saunas are becoming very popular these days due to their tremendous benefits like detoxification, relaxation, and improved cardiovascular activity. But are these saunas actually that good?

Many people who are health freaks just like I get frightened with the name of infrared. Alas! Are they really using some radiations?

Does that have any health risks?

Does it cause cancer?

Don’t worry! We’ll answer your all questions here by explaining the benefits along with some disadvantages associated with Infrared Saunas.

What is Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiations that are originated from an infrared lamp to heat the individual directly rather than taking time to heat the surrounding first. This can detoxify your body at a higher rate by directly penetrating into the body unlike steam and dry heat.

Let’s get into the infrared sauna benefits and disadvantages.

What are the Infrared Sauna Benefits and Disadvantages?

Though the infrared sauna is a modern way to experience sauna, it has a lot of advantages but there are associated risks with it as well. First, let us discuss the advantages and then the disadvantages.

List of the Infrared Sauna Benefits


Infrared saunas are great for detoxification. As the infrared waves can penetrate deep into the body, they can better heat the body and activate the sweat glands that helps to increase the sweating process. This is not normal sweating to cool the body but it aims to remove toxic materials in the body like heavy metals (copper, zinc, magnesium). The toxin removal in infrared saunas is about 25-30% which is far greater than traditional saunas in which toxin removal is only 2-3%.

Lowers Stress Level

One of the primary reasons to use a sauna is to lower the stress level. The atmosphere of the sauna helps you take a break from worldly affairs for a while and soothes your body. The heat helps to relax the muscles. The increased sweating helps to increase blood circulation and cardiovascular activity that ultimately leads to lessening hypertension.

This relaxation gives a good sign to the brain due to it stimulates the secretion of the endorphins hormone that lowers anxiety and alleviates depression.

Boost Immune System

The increased body temperature in the sauna increases the production of white blood cells that are the main component of the immune system. This eventually boosts the immune system and increases your ability to fight bacteria and viruses. Therefore, a good immune system ensures a healthy body.

Glowing Skin

The main reason for most girls to take a sauna is to get healthy and glowing skin. The deep penetration of infrared waves helps to kill the bacteria and deeply cleanse the skin. This detoxification helps to remove the dead cells and rejuvenate the skin to look younger.

Soothes Muscles and Joints Pain

Infrared saunas are becoming a popular recommendation for people having joint problems. The high temperature in an infrared sauna increases blood circulation which ultimately leads to relaxation of muscles and less joint pain. Also, it helps to lower the production of lactic acid that is responsible for joint pain and muscle fatigue.

Weight Loss

The high temperature of infrared saunas helps to burn calories due to excessive sweating. The increased sweating decreases the body’s energy level that is balanced by using fats and carbohydrates as a source of energy. So, Infrared saunas can help to reduce weight by burning calories. According to research, an individual can burn up to 300 calories in a single session.


The relaxing atmosphere of the sauna along with a warm body along light music helps to alleviate stress and depressions. Consequently, it can lead to better sleep.

What are the Disadvantages of Infrared Sauna?

Although there are not many risks associated with infrared saunas, still there are some careful considerations you have to keep in mind while going for an infrared sauna.

Overheating and Heat Stroke

Too much exposure of your body to heat than its normal temperature can be a little risky. The penetration of infrared rays into your body is about 1.5 inches that are quite deep. So, you should be careful while taking a sauna session as it can cause overheating that may lead to heatstroke as well. Do not remain in the sauna for more time than the recommended one. Try to keep a thermometer with you to evaluate your body temperature side by side.


Getting thirsty in the sauna is very common as your body is exposed to high temperatures. But, do not confuse it with dehydration. If you feel thirsty along with a headache and dizziness then you should get out of the sauna immediately and rehydrate yourself. You can avoid this situation by drinking a lot of water before a sauna session. Also, keep a water bottle with you and drink during the session as well to keep away from dehydration. It is recommended to drink water frequently after the sauna session for at least an hour to avoid any dizziness and dehydration.

Health Issues

A person dealing with certain health issues should avoid Infrared Sauna. It could be a person having a history of heart problems, angina pectoris, stroke, or tumors. Moreover, an infrared sauna should be strictly avoided during pregnancy due to the deep penetration of infrared waves into the body. This can cause severe problems for the child in the womb.

Also, if you have been taking some sensitive drugs like LSD, then you should see a doctor’s consultation as it can eventually lead to some health hazards.


Infrared lamps emit radiation in the form of electromagnetic radiation. High levels of EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) can cause severe health problems like cancer. This situation can be avoided by checking the EMF level of the lamps used in Infrared Sauna.

Long-term Complications

There are some complications that are not experienced by the people using infrared saunas twice or thrice a year. But it can cause some complications to the users who take infrared saunas often. It may lead to thermal injuries (like hyperpigmentation) and damage to silicone implants used in breast implants.

So, although there are many reasons for which one should go for infrared saunas like stress relief, good skin, weight loss, and a healthy body, etc. But you should be careful with the health risks associated with infrared saunas. It’s better to take precautions than treatment. Now that you’ve learned the infrared sauna benefits and disadvantages, give us your opinion down below.