10 Best Outdoor Saunas – Latest Guide and Reviews


Long gone are the days when you had to head to the spa for an excellent sauna experience. Fortunately, you can have a great sauna experience even at your home now. Thanks to the outdoor saunas, of course! In fact, if there is not enough space indoor for an infrared sauna, you can place an outdoor sauna in your backyard.

Outdoor saunas are generally more convenient to use and easy to assemble. These saunas help you eliminate toxins from the body and have a stress-free and relaxed time. If you are planning to buy an outdoor sauna but don’t know where to begin…our guide will help you get the best outdoor sauna.

Let’s surf through the list of the 10 best outdoor saunas to help you choose the right one for yourself.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Saunas?

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The evidence for cardiovascular wellbeing in sauna baths is rising. People visiting daily saunas are less likely to have serious heart problems and mild strokes. The explanation is that the body’s blood pressure stabilizes when taking a sauna.

Reduced Anxiety

The sweating in the sauna stimulates the bloodstream in the body, adding to the calming effect. After a daily sauna, an uplifting experience that overcomes the anxiety is almost always experienced.

Weight loss

You might not notice the effects at first, but using it on a regular basis will increase the metabolism of your body, which means you will burn more calories than usual. The high-calorie burning rate is related to the sauna length and temperature.

10 Best Outdoor Sauna Reviews

Cayenne Outdoor Sauna (4-Person)

The Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna is our first choice, which has a classic cabin look that all the family will appreciate.

The Cayenne is made of Candian Hemlock Wood, which is very attractive, but solid and durable. Also, due to a tongue and groove structure that is easy to mount, it should not be too difficult to assemble this sauna.

The Cayenne can fit four people inside at one time very comfortably.

Since it’s an outdoor sauna, in the design process, space is not such a problem to worry about. The company also offers additional four backrests so your friends and family can have a great experience.

Finally, eight ceramic heaters are built-in, all of which operate to heat your sauna quickly to your ideal temperature in minutes.

This outdoor sauna offers a 7-year guarantee, which means you don’t have to worry about spending any extra bucks after purchase.

  • 7-year warranty
  • Capacity for 4-persons
  • Infrared heating
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Air purification system
  • No external lights included


Almost Heaven Saunas (4 Person)

A spacious 4-person sauna is part of the Almost Heaven Outdoor Sauna. We love the look of this lovely barrel-shaped room; we are sure that your front yard or backyard will increase its aesthetic appeal. It is aesthetically pleasing and can complement any setting.

Noteworthy is the craftsmanship of the Almost Heaven Sauna; expertly crafted are the walls, the handles, hinges, cradles, and other accessories. The sauna has a minimalistic and rustic look that gives you a sense of relaxation and comfort instantly.

We love that the stainless steel 4.5kw even-heating heater is connected to the sauna. In under an hour, this strong heater heats the room to 190-195 F. The even heating system ensures that heat for optimum satisfaction is uniformly distributed across the building.

Another incredible feature is that you can opt to turn your back wall into a slat wall or a vista window. When you enjoy your sauna, the view window helps you to view your surroundings; it allows natural light to reach the room and provides a more roomy atmosphere. Therapeutic benefits are offered, on the other hand, by a Himalayan salt wall backlit with LEDs.

  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • Perfect for 4 persons
  • Easily assembled
  • Spacious
  • Quite expensive
  • No adjustable roof vents


Canadian Red Cedar Outdoor Backyard Sauna (3 Person)

If you’ve been wondering what the best outdoor sauna is, then here you have your answer. It has a capacity of three people and FIR Far infrared heating technology. The outdoor sauna is made of high-quality materials, therefore it is sturdy and lighter in weight.

It also has a waterproof shingle roof, so you are protected during the rain. There are red tiles in the sauna, which gives it a classy, beautiful appearance.

Its extra features include – an integrated MP3/Auxiliary audio input, so you can play your favorite music whenever you want. It also comes with an ozone generator technology, which keeps the air pure in the sauna while the chromotherapy LEDs brighten up your mood.

Apart from that, a 1-year electrical guarantee and a 5-year structural warranty are also included.

  • High-quality
  • Aesthetic product
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Only fits 3 persons


Decorate With Daria Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

This is an economic sauna that meets or exceeds the luxury characteristics. With a capacity of 4 people, a small family can share a sauna bath. It provides plenty of space.

The infrared sauna provides some advantages: less time to heat up, a low sweating temperature, and comparatively low running cost.

A dedicated panel is available to run the sauna. Several other sound systems, including FM and AM, and color therapy lights are available.

The organization has managed to keep the price down. The interior of the sauna is not herbal or red, except for an extended amount of time.

  • Open price
  • Simple to use and economical
  • Include additional detail
  • Problematic control panel


SDI Outdoor Sauna (4+ Person)

The best thing about this sauna is to give both a dry and wet sauna and a speedy delivery. Based upon room availability, it can be used indoors and outdoors. SDI has many extras in this sauna: the MP3/Auxiliary Audio input is fitted with a remote-controlled stereo system, an air purging ionizer, and chromotherapy lighting to stimulate the calming effect.

The heavy-duty heater takes about half the time than a regular heater is one of its most striking characteristics.

On the opposite, more energy is consumed to hold the same temperature.

SDI frustrated its customers when it came to choosing building materials. Hemlock or cedar can never equal the pinewood.

You must pay special attention to this because it’s not designed in nature to resist a high level of temperature. It promises to supply as fast as possible for the convenience of the customer.

  • It can be seen indoors as well as outside.
  • Fast distribution extra
  • Heater Strong
  • Guarantee sponsored
  • High operational cost


Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 4’ x 4’

The Finlandia brand made sure to create this perfect outdoor sauna with a fine range of woods. To panel the inside, they selected a Western Red Cedar and a beautiful Cedar exterior as well. Plus, to the point that you just have to slot it together, all the sections and panels have been built.

Since it uses a prehung transparent glass, the door is a fantastic feature and has sturdy wooden rails to help your sauna entry and exit. The door itself has a width of 24 inches and integrates V.G. Laminating a Douglas Fir.

To warm up the inside of this stunning-looking sauna, this sauna uses Finlandia’s own JM Sauna Heater. There are also built-in controls that are easy to use, so you can change the temperature accordingly.

Its additional features are – headrests, a wall light P5511, a classic bucket, video instructions on how to mount it, and add water to the heater.

  • Comes with headrests
  • Pre-framed insulated parts
  • JM sauna heater
  • Cedar exterior
  • Easy to assemble
  • None


Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

One of the most well-designed saunas of 2020 is undoubtedly the Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna. The Shingled Roof Cabin Space looks aesthetically appealing and unique. The glass door and the windows contribute to the sauna’s elegance and cabin-like style.

Equally impressive is the interior of the sauna; ceramic infrared heating panels have been mounted inside to enable rapid heating. In just ten minutes, you will be warm enough, making the experience more pleasant.

It is well-lit, spacious, music can be turned on and the view from outside can be enjoyed. The sauna is a total experience designed to put you at ease and let you fully enjoy the advantages of a sauna.

  • Spacious rapid heating
  • The extras are included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong cost of repairs


RGX Outdoor Sauna (6 Person)

With a barrel-like shape, this outdoor sauna can sleep between 4 and 6 people at a time. There are 70″ support cradles, four side by side, to raise the sauna from the ground. It depends on convection to heat the body, being a typical sauna.

The contract includes Finland’s electric sauna heater Harvia Vega, heating stones, and cable kit. If not energetically powerful relative to the infrared sauna, the body may be radiated at higher, stable temperatures.

Add-on consists of antifreeze, a sauna, loop collection, 1 thermometer, and 2 outer benches. Contains antifreeze. Despite a comprehensive instruction manual, the assembly is very complicated.

  • Null effect of radiation
  • Open price
  • Multiple add-ons
  • Helps a sauna professional assemble
  • There is no kind of assurance


Weather Resistant Hemlock Outdoor Sauna (4-Person)

This outdoor sauna is in the form of a canopy. 3 to 4 people will handle it. To give you a calming and soothing experience, it features 8 extra-large ceramic FAR infrared heaters.

It’s made from sturdy, waterproof Canadian hemlock wood. On top, it has a shingled roof. The temperature is locked inside by the weather-sealed tempered glass frame.

It also consists of LED reading lights, so you can read while relaxing. A digital control panel is located inside, so you can connect iPod, iPod, or MP3 player to it.

  • Spacious
  • Easily assembled
  • Heats up quickly
  • Not made of high-quality materials


Buying Guide For Best Outdoor Saunas


The room required for the sauna and in the sauna should be the primary concern. The first is that you have little space in your backyard and are keen to fit a big sauna inside. You bit more than you can chew. The first explanation is simple: The number of people who use the sauna is restricted in the room inside the sauna. Usually, a comfortable sauna is preferred.


Building materials cannot be damaged because outdoor saunas are less vulnerable to injury than indoor saunas (within extreme weather conditions). Canadian hemlock or cedarwood should more likely be used in the sauna. Aspen might do well with an indoor sauna, but when under severe weather, it falls apart. Hemlock and cedar possess virtually the same strength: both are very stubborn and mildew-resistant. Yet, in terms of scent, longevity, and pest tolerance, the cedar has the upper hand.

Types of Heat Source

A conventional sauna varies from an infrasound type of heat source. By water on hot volcanic rocks, the typical saunas generate moist heat. Owing to the steam and rocks’ warmth, the sauna temperature rises and usually takes 30 minutes or more to heat up.

Other Features

Why find an exception for a sauna while enjoying bells and whistles like all the things that you purchase in life. Outside saunas are also equipped with chromotherapy — lighting is used to calm the body. They have a sound system to don’t forget your best tunes when you take a bath. An atomizer can also be mounted to purify the air daily.


Premium businesses still have a guarantee on their goods. Therefore, you have reasonable reason to expect the next sauna firm to buy an outdoor sauna. An extended guarantee (at least 5 years) for a sauna is a symbol of efficiency and always should be preferred. We chose the following outdoor saunas based on these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 – What’s the best sauna in the world?

MCP is the perfect outdoor sauna for 4 people. Thirty separate versions have been tested, and MCP has been used. The specifications for an outdoor sauna vary, however, between individuals. But before you buy an outdoor sauna, you have to learn first about the various aspects you have to remember.

02 – How much does building an open-air sauna cost?

The building of an outdoor sauna will cost something from $3000 to $6,000. It might sound like a great deal of money, but you’ll build it once.

03 – Can saunas be placed outside?

Yeah, outdoor saunas can be organized. Saunas were built exclusively for the outside. They are known as saunas outside. See the best outdoor saunas in our assessment.

04 – How will my outdoor sauna be protected?

You should take daily low-pressure washing to secure your outdoor sauna. A stain with UV inhibitors can also be used to avoid sunlight-related damage.

05 – Indoor and outdoor saunas: what is the difference?

When it comes to choosing a sauna, people got confused. In our opinion, outdoor saunas are better than indoor saunas due to the difference in size. Outdoor saunas can really handle up to 6 people, compared to indoor saunas.

06 – How big can you have an outdoor sauna?

The size of saunas varies according to preference. For instance, a 3-person sauna is ideal for a small family of parents and a boy. On the other hand, big families would need a sauna with 4-6 people capacity.

07 – What factors to consider when choosing a site?

A site that has a level, reliable and secure base is essential to choose. This is vital, as a sauna can weigh more than 1000 lbs with many bathers inside. Both a deck and a concrete pad (patio) are perfect choices for setting your sauna on top.

If you place the sauna directly on the floor, we advise you to keep the polymer support cradles on top of concrete pavers to avoid the cradles from settling in the floor. This could lead to not sitting at the level of the sauna and can trigger complications over time.

Concrete Pad

A concrete pad will optimize the life of your barrel sauna if built correctly (compacted well and leveled). In order to prevent cracking, the concrete pad should be 4′ thick and lined with wire. We suggest making the pad considerably larger than the specifications of the sauna alone. In this way, you will get more space for accessories like chairs and tables. With guidance on how to build and pour a concrete floor, there is a variety of information available online.

Deck Installations

If you’ve seen a sauna on the deck before, you know it’s a perfect spot for a sauna. It looks amazing, and it’s close to the building, which means you’re going to maximize your sauna use. If you plan to mount your sauna on the deck, make sure your deck is built to accommodate the sauna’s full weight (over 1000 lbs). Before continuing, we recommend that you have the deck reviewed by a competent architect or construction engineer.

08 – How to keep the outdoor sauna maintained?

  • Clean the interior regularly.
  • Replace sauna stones if they split or crack
  • Don’t use chemicals inside the sauna! They can hurt the wood, and when it heats up, you’ll be breathing them in. Instead, when it needs a touchup, give it a fast sweep or run the vacuum within it.
  • If you begin to see stains from dirt or transpiration and general wear, use hot water and clean the spots instantly, or you can even use a low-pressure washer and a wide-pattern nozzle. Also, you can also eradicate persistent stains and scuffs with a fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Sauna stones can last forever, but variations in temperature may cause them to blow or break. If you will face the same situation in your heater, it is imperative to substitute them with solid rocks. In this way, you will maintain heat.

09 – How to treat the exterior?

Go for a low-pressure washer or hose it off to eliminate stains and debris.

A tiny amount of water plunging into the sauna would not harm it during a storm, but if you find a large amount, it means you need to put more staves under the bands. If you find the inside and outside of the sauna is desiccated, we suggest you take the top portion of it apart and repair it with further teams. Not to forget that the wood will shrink if you are in a dry setting, so you will have to add more bands later. Every few months, check the bands’ tension so that you can catch issues before they begin. People who live in cities with humidity should expect some of the wood to swell, which will create a tighter seal.

Once again, you can NEVER apply something to the sauna’s interior. However, if you like, you can stain (not vanish or paint) the outer of the sauna. Although we suggest that you pick a stain with UV protection, it is up to you to do the rest.

10 – Which type of wood is good for a humid climate?

There is no doubt that thermo woods is the best type of wood for humid climates because it does not warp or rot. For thermal wood preparation, spruce is used. Thermo wood has a brown color and is soft. The water capillaries are charred; hence, there is a lesser risk of wood deformation.

11 – How to save the wood from shrinking?

Shrinking wood may deform, and cracks can appear, so attempting to prevent this is vital. Place some buckets filled with water inside if the sauna’s inside is very dry. The wood will absorb it as the water evaporates. Apart from that, make sure to water the external part of the sauna every now and then, which can be accomplished by dumping a couple of buckets of water on the exterior walls.

12 – Should I oil the exterior of the sauna?

We suggest oiling all the exterior parts twice a year, if possible before and after winter. The oiled sauna will be shipped if you order an assembled sauna. If you order a flat-packed sauna, the wood pieces will be raw and will need to be oiled after the sauna is accumulated.

13 – How many people can fit inside a sauna?

On both sides, the sauna room typically has benches. It can be assumed that one person sits 1 meter from the bench; in turn, two people sit 1 meter from the sauna room (on both sides). It can hold 4 people in a 2-meter sauna, 6 people in a 3-meter sauna, and so on. If you plan to lay on the sauna benches, it should be at least 2 meters long for a comfortable and relaxed time.

14 – What is the best temperature for a sauna?

It relies on individual preference, according to the Finnish Sauna Culture. Still, keeping the temperature below 90 C is recommended. (especially for people with conditions of the heart). Higher temperatures are also possible; your limits need to be known and not linger in the sauna too long. Sauna-goers must be well-hydrated before and after spending time in the sauna.

15 – Carbon fiber heaters vs. ceramic heaters: which is better?

Heaters made from carbon fiber are safer and last longer. Not only that, but they also make the sauna more comfortable. Carbon heaters are safe, but ceramic heaters can burn to the touch. Furthermore, with carbon heaters, there are no “hot spots.” Throughout the sauna, including the floor, we can position carbon heaters, so the heat is distributed equally. Far infrared rays are absorbed more deeply into the body and at a lower temperature, making them much more convenient to use.

Carbon heaters are much more powerful and, generally, of higher quality. The most common reason some businesses want to use ceramic heaters is that they are less costly… And it’s proven.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide is helpful and useful for you. Make sure to read buying guide to choose the best outdoor sauna.

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