11 Best Portable Steam Sauna 2022 Reviews


We live in a fast-paced world and it is difficult to find time for something as relaxing as a sauna. The good news is you do not have to visit a spa every time you want to have an incredible sauna experience.

Fortunately, it has now become easier to have a personal sauna at home. This would eliminate the time you spend driving and the expense of transport and membership fees.

In addition, the portable steam sauna will help you obtain the same benefits as a sauna session while saving time and money as well. However, the market is literally flooded with portable steam saunas, which makes it confusing for people to pick the perfect sauna for themselves.

If you are searching for a guide who will help you to decide which portable steam sauna is the right one for you, then scroll down and start reading this article. We have listed down the following 11 best portable steam sauna, so you can pick the perfect one for yourself. So, let’s go through the guide together!

Top 11 Portable Steam Saunas

Kuppet Portable Folding Steam Sauna

One of the very best portable steam saunas is this inexpensive Kuppet sauna. It is used by hundreds of individuals and no flaw is noticed yet. In addition, to stand out from the crowd, it introduces many bonus features.

The construction is premium, to begin with. It shares a premium construction, got a cotton fabric core, and polyester layer on the outside to make it insulated and waterproof in all conditions. Besides, the PVC supporting frame which is found in this folding steam sauna is lighter in weight. Its set-up is easier, without facing any hassle you can set it up in moments.

In the Kuppet heating sauna, you will find two zippers at the front and a flexible opening at the top, which makes it a tremendous option for users. For reading and using a laptop, you should stick your hands out. Even to carry your tablet or the remote, there is a pocket under the zipper.

To be sufficiently heated takes more time than usual. The good news is that it can reach up to 140 degrees F, and it is quite impressive. A high temperature leads to more frequent sweating, which eventually results in an efficient private bathing sauna.

Last but not the least, the sauna comes with a foot massager and a chair. We have nothing to complain about against the portable sauna tent, even if the chair is not of the highest quality. Even to monitor time and temperature, it comes with a remote.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a chair and a foot massager
  • Reasonable
  • High maximum heat (140F)
  • Consists of a remote to set the temperature and a timer
  • Takes about 15 minutes to heat up
  • The timer is not available


AW Portable Therapeutic Steam Sauna

A lot of extras and a high price tag come with this compact personal folding home steam sauna.

You’ll get a big-sized folding chair, storage bag, and foot massager for extras. The best saunas comprise of the following: a steam pot, a detachable frame, and a cotton cover with a waterproof layer that prevents the steam from penetrating.

It takes just 10 minutes to install, while the sauna requires approximately 5 minutes to be completely operational.

The wireless remote in the AW steam sauna helps you to vary the temperature to 9 different levels without any difficulty. Moreover, you will find a tailor-made option in this heater that allows you 6 different levels, and you can adjust according to your desire.

  • This portable heater comes along with a foot massager and a chair.
  • It is ultra-lightweight, can easily be traveled anywhere without any issue
  • In this heater, you will get access to control and adjust the temperature.
  • This amazing steam sauna heater is quite costly.


OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna

If you are looking for a portable steam sauna, your best bet is OppsDecor. It’s easy to fall, making it suitable for small spaces or for apartments.

In fact, you can even use essential oils with a steam pot to have a relaxing and stress-free experience. That’s pretty cheap. It comes in five colors as well. Therefore, get creative!

If the steam feature is removed, this is no longer considered as an infrared sauna, and cannot be used. So, if you also want a dry sauna, this is not your choice.

  • Bestseller product
  • Includes a chair and a remote
  • Quick setup
  • High maximum heat (149F)
  • Comes in five colors
  • Not ideal for tall people with 6 feet or more
  • The remote interferes with fire TV


SteamFlex Portable Steam Sauna

This sauna is sort of different from the ones we mentioned above. You can use it when lying down on a massage table rather than sitting on a chair. All credit goes to the special cables and poles, it is incredibly lightweight and is quite simple to install.

To set the temperature and steaming time, the personal sauna comes with remote control. Besides, the fabric used in this portable sauna is easily insulated. Not only that, this sauna doesn’t even have a height limit, unlike other portable saunas. It can accommodate adults of all heights and sizes comfortably.

The company is also selling a Water-resistant Reusable Table Cover to contribute to consumer comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a remote
  • Easy to assemble
  • A table is required to use it
  • It cannot reach a high temperature


Durasage Portable Steam Sauna

The main strength of this steam sauna is its lightweight nature. Whether it is a camping trip or you are traveling to another city, you can take it with you hassle-free. This portable steam sauna is quite easy to fold and organize.

To maximize the temperature, it is fitted with a strong streamer, which means you can stay in the sauna for about 60 minutes. It is ideal timing for an intense bath in the sauna.

Also, the layout helps you use a screen or read a book by simply unzipping the pouches and taking your hands out.

There is also a pillow explicitly incorporated into the design to comfort your neck when enjoying your bath.

  • It can easily be stored and carried
  • Powerful steamer
  • High Quality
  • It can be used for an hour
  • A comfortable neck cushion is included
  • The zippers are low Quality
  • Not suitable for tall individuals


WYZworks Portable Steam Sauna

WYZworks sauna has three unmatchable advantages: first, it makes two power levels for custom sauna bathing, and second, it can be used continuously for 100 minutes which means you can use it for more than 40 minutes as compared to a regular portable sauna heater.

Thirdly, a facial sauna headcover comes with it. Moreover, this portable sauna heater is simple to install and uninstall at any time or any place without any difficulty.

It is quite budget-friendly and purchasing this sauna will result in a treasured investment, by all measures.

  • WYZ sauna heater is pocket-friendly.
  • This heater consists of a timer which works for 10-100 mins without any problem.
  • You will get a sauna chair along with 2 power levels to choose from according to your desire.
  • This heater has fortified with a headcover for a facial sauna
  • The only drawback is that you won’t get an instruction manual with this heater.


QingYi Portable Steam Home Sauna

It comes in a plethora of color option, offers incredible streamer capabilities that make this sauna stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

The 2.6L steamer is strong enough to run for up to 95 minutes, while the maximum temperature can reach 149F. You can set the temperature to 9 different levels according to your preference and requirement.

The most innovative feature of this portable steam sauna is that you will get a wireless remote control and a storage bag.

It has only one disadvantage, which is it is not ideal for short individuals (less than 5’5″).

  • A wide range of colors available
  • Has a storage bag
  • Steamer 2.6 L capacity
  • Ideal only for short people


Sauna Rocket Portable Steam Sauna

It is a full-body sauna with no openings for your head or hands to stick out. It’s like a tiny room with plenty of inside space. The sauna rocket steam heater generally takes approx. 20 minutes to set up, which makes it less favorable.

Also, it is quite difficult to operate as compared to other portable sauna heaters. The fabric is very high quality and waterproof, so that little or no steam will escape from it.

The steamer is sufficiently powerful to lift the room temperature to 149F but cannot be operated via remote control. The sauna’s high cost, which doesn’t even include a proper chair, is another big downside. You must purchase it separately.

  • Powerful steamer with a one-gallon capacity
  • High-quality fabric
  • Takes more efforts and time to set up


AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna

The portable steam sauna of AW 2L is characterized by its taller tent, which lets you have more comfort and room.

The sauna can also hit a superbly rapid maximum temperature (149F). Its assembly is hassle-free, within a few minutes you take it onboard for consumption.

Apart from that, the unique pouch for herbs and essential oils is yet another striking feature.

Even though the AW 2L heater is one of the best and efficient portable sauna heaters, but there is one disadvantage of it, which is that you’d have to purchase the chair separately.

However, a storage bag is a part of the package.

  • In this heater, you will find a pouch for herbs
  • This sauna heater is easy to accumulate and disassemble
  • This heater can reach up to a maximum of 149F.
  • In this sauna heater, you won’t get a chair.


GC Global Direct 2L Portable Steam Sauna

With many dependable goods in the fold, GC Global is a trustworthy brand. It was made of cotton cover and wrapped over a PVC frame and a plastic trestle covering. The steamer has a digital monitor, is remote-controllable, and has a size of 2 L.

A folding chair and a foot massager come with the personal sauna. The latter does not have premium consistency but is passable.

There’s a pouch of herbs to bring some herb oil and scent oil in.

This steam sauna comes with high-quality equipment and is perfect for personal health care.

  • This portable heater has fortified with a foot massager alongside a chair
  • It is a powerful steamer with a 2L capacity
  • Easy to assemble and organize
  • The quality of the chair is quite average.


Smartmak Portable Steam Sauna

The Smartmak sauna is not as common as any other portable sauna. It says, however, to deliver all the basics and some extras.

This portable sauna has a regular 2L steamer and a foldable sauna with a headcover to allow a full-body sauna to be mounted. It is possible to change the temperature of the steamer manually and through a remote, that is included in the box.

The fact that it is easy to wash is one of the main advantages of this sauna. It is also perfect for picnics, beaches, fishing, and other outdoor sports, thanks to its lightweight nature.

  • In this portable heater, you will find a 2L steamer along with a herbal box
  • This portable steam sauna comes along with remote control, a head cover, and a chair
  • It is quite simple to clean and operate
  • No complaints are found until yet.


Buying Guide

When buying the best portable steam sauna, you should consider looking for the following.


You can buy a big size sauna even if you don’t have enough to pay for. When searching for a portable infrared sauna, a big or tall individual is often at a disadvantage as many do not match the size. Nevertheless, it is quite stress-free to look a bit durable for the flawless fit than to feel cramped during a steam bath in a small portable steam sauna spa.

Easy to Assemble

The ease of use combined with the lightweight size is the main benefit of a portable sauna. It should, therefore, be foldable. But that alone isn’t adequate. It should be quick to assemble the sauna, and it should take no more than 15 minutes to do that. Moreover, the sauna usually comes with an instruction manual which makes it easier for you to operate and maintain it.


To create a sauna cycle of your choosing, the sauna steamer should have a timer. To top it off, you will find a small set to fix the time and temperature. Moreover, it should also be capable of having a long bathing session for the sauna. A portable steam sauna can easily operate for a maximum of about 60 minutes.

Maximum Temperature

A similar temperature limit cannot be met by any portable steam sauna. Ideally, it is essential to hit 140 degrees Fahrenheit in a portable sauna, which is the ideal temperature for an intense sauna bath.

Fabric Quality

The consistency of the fabric plays a crucial role in the heat insulation and the sauna’s longevity. Once you find cotton fabric with additional polyester insulation, you don’t need to keep looking anywhere else. It is perfect for waterproofing and you will not find anything better than that.

Also, pay careful attention to the consistency of the zipper as it is typically the diligence of minor catering information that differentiates premium sauna manufacturer companies from the rest.


Premium sauna producers usually outfit their items with a few extras. What you can also expect are a sturdy chair and a foot massager. But you should not be disappointed if they don’t come with a kit, as the sauna is nice enough. A deal-breaker should not be these extras.

Evidence-based Advantages of Portable Steam Sauna

Following are the most significant benefits that portable steam sauna offer:

  • Improved physical health
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Better mental health

Let’s get to know about each one of them:

Improved Physical Health

Athletic Performance

Sauna baths also lead to better athletic results. It allows athletes to cope with stress and injuries, in addition to heat endurance. It also allows the body to use muscle glycogen (an energy booster) effectively, which increases strength and overall performance in simple terms.

Heat Endurance

Long-term exposure to sauna heat can increase the heat resistance that is highly effective for athletes, including cyclists and runners. According to research, those athletes which went for exercise-heat preparation prior to the competition had exhibited more tolerance at the time of the competition.

Reduced Muscle Atrophy

Muscle Astroy, or muscle withering over time, causes the body to experience terrible pain. Exposure to bearable heat on a long and daily basis may minimize muscle atrophy. The heat caused by the sauna, however, has only a marginal effect.

Increased Life Expectancy

Reduced Risk of Heart Diseases

In peripheral arterial disease and chronic heart failure treatment, the daily use of a portable steam sauna, or any sauna, may be successful. It also aids in normalizing blood pressure and reduces LDL cholesterol.

The body has undergone many changes, especially in cardiovascular activity, when exposed to sauna heat. To keep the body relaxed, the blood flows to the skin, and the total amount of flow rises. The outcomes are almost identical to those of an intense walk. In short, this cardiac exercise decreases the risk of a heart attack.

Fewer Chances of Diabetes

The extreme heat exposure of the portable sauna will help boost the insulin resistance caused by obesity that can lead to diabetes if wholly matured. A study suggests that sauna baths can treat insulin sensitivity impairments. High insulin sensitivity is responsible for efficient and increased blood sugar use and is thus highly desirable.

Low Inflammation

Regular sauna baths with steam can help to reduce inflammation. The low inflammation rate has been related to daily sauna usage by an increasing number of studies. For controlling irritation, soreness, or inflammation, a portable steam sauna is highly effective

Better Mental Health

Sauna baths have long been connected to mental health, but there was no definitive proof in the past.

In a recent study, sauna bathing has been shown to be inversely linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Nowadays, these diseases are increasing, and you can prevent yourself by using a portable steam sauna heater.

Other than that, sauna baths can be a treatment for depression, a more notorious and almost universal mental health problem. Removing toxins from the body and heavy sweating contributes to a relaxing effect and uplifts mood, as a recent finding indicates.

A close connection between a sauna bath and norepinephrine has been discovered by another study. The latter is a hormone (norepinephrine) with different functions in the body, including concentration, attention, and memory. Bathing in the sauna raises the body’s level of norepinephrine, resulting in better brain efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do portable steam saunas really useful?

Yes, they are. Portable steam saunas are an excellent option as compared to other saunas, as they are easily portable and accessible. But, the only problem is that they are specifically designed for one person.

Steam or infrared: which sauna is better?

In terms of performance, steam saunas are a lot better than infrared saunas. The baths in the steam sauna are more serious. Infrared saunas, meanwhile, are simple to run and need little or no maintenance.

Which one is the finest portable sauna?

There is a wide variety of options, and to choose one among them is quite challenging. So far, we have considered the Kuppet Portable Folding Steam Sauna to be the best. For an excellent portable sauna, it checks all the boxes and includes several extras. In a nutshell, it has compelling and sensational characteristics.

Is it safe to use a portable sauna?

Yes, a portable sauna is safe to use as it meets all safety requirements. The EMF should not exceed a fixed limit if the heat source is an infrared kind. If you are on any prescribed medications, it is advisable to take advice from the doctor before using the portable infrared sauna.

How does a portable sauna work?

Portable steam saunas are enclosed spaces that produce heat just like their massive stationery counterparts. They are usually plugged into a traditional electric brand. Steam is made with the help of a water reservoir. Most portable steam saunas have an easy and fast setup. Also, when you don’t want to use it, you can simply fold it, and if you’re going to take it while traveling, you easily can.

How to fold a portable steam sauna?

Although several portable steam saunas models usually come with a similar setup and folding technique. Most of them are foldable on their own when they come out from their carrying cases. When you want to pack it, all you need to do is tip it over onto one side.

For instance, push inward on a corner and press the assembly flat like a hunting blind or collapsible laundry basket. Afterward, begin from one corner and keep folding it in on itself unless small enough to go into its case.

How long to stay in each sauna session?

It’s totally up-to-you, but the experts suggest that you should stay for about 30- to 40-minutes for an amazing and enjoyable experience. For a total of 50 minutes, you will have the room, allowing you enough time to refresh and adjust upon completion.

After completion of the sauna, it is advisable not to take bath for about 60 minutes, otherwise, the detoxification process won’t benefit.

Can anyone use a steam sauna?

The use of infrared saunas is not approved for women who are pregnant, children under the age of 12, those who are unable to control high temperatures, those with hemophilia, fever, heat insensitivity, and those who are under the influence of alcohol or alcohol misuse.

Infrared sauna and conventional sauna: what is the difference?

There is a very gentle infrared sun. The effect is equivalent to lying on a warm day in the sun and feeling the heat radiate to your body’s heart. Infrared heat has the advantage of being efficient at a more comfortable operating 100 °-150 °F temperature, unlike conventional (steam or hot rock) saunas, which run at well above 200 °F.

Modern saunas heat up the air directly against the body. This can make the sensation unbearably hot and hard to breathe, instead of inducing detoxification and relaxation. Since infrared heat infiltrates human tissue vs. merely heating the skin surface, infrared saunas are seven times more efficient in cleansing the body than conventional saunas. Infrared saunas can create a sweat composed of 20 percent toxins by raising the body’s core temperature vs. just 3 percent toxins with a standard sauna.

Can old people use the sauna?

With age, the capacity to regulate core body temperature declines. This is because of circulatory problems and the reduction of the sweat glands. Therefore, it is suggested to use the sauna at a lower temperature when you are using it for the elderly ones.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find this article beneficial and informative. The products mentioned above have certain pros and cons. So, choose the portable steam sauna that best fulfills your desires and needs. Also, read the guide carefully as it will help you to choose the best and reliable sauna for taking it home.


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