Infrared Sauna Dangers That You Need To Know


Infrared saunas are getting popular over the last few years due to their more favorable benefits over traditional Finnish Saunas and steam rooms.

Some of these benefits include detoxification, improved blood circulation, and pain management, etc.

But as it uses infrared light to heat up the body, people get more concerned if there are any risks or dangers associated with using an infrared sauna. Let’s look into it!

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses electromagnetic waves (from Infrared light lamps) to heat up the body. The main feature of this type of sauna is that it heats the body directly without raising the temperature of the surroundings. So, it heats up at a relatively low temperature i.e. 154 degrees Fahrenheit than any other saunas.

These waves can penetrate deep into the body that leads to more sweating and removal of toxic material from a body like heavy metals (isn’t that amazing).

Is Infrared Sauna Safe?

Yes! Infrared Saunas are completely safe and can have amazing effects if used properly. You can’t avail the advantages of Infrared sauna by just taking a single session (no matter how long it is). But it needs to be used regularly (at least 20 minutes) to have prolonged effects. Researches have shown that infrared saunas can be a good remedy for detoxification and muscle pain. For instance, you can take it as a supplemental treatment by consulting your doctor.

Dangers of Infrared Sauna

Despite all the sophisticated advantages of this sauna, there are some infrared sauna dangers that you must not ignore. These are not associated with the sauna itself but the physical condition and medical history of the person taking it.


You are most likely to experience dehydration during a sauna session due to extreme sweating. Sometimes this dehydration leads to a severe headache, dizziness, and fatigue.

Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water before, after, and during a sauna session.

Sperm Motility

Another risk associated with infrared sauna is sperm motility. This happens due to long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves. It actually causes impairment of the sperm count that may lead to sperm motility.

If you are young or planning to start a family in the future then you should be careful with it.


As infrared saunas use electromagnetic waves, they have the ability to penetrate deep into the body (approx. 1.5 inches deep). This deep penetration may cause overheating of the body and ultimately a heatstroke.

Do not remain in the infrared sauna for a longer period of time and keep a thermometer with yourself to evaluate your body temperature after regular intervals.


If you are taking some particular drugs like LSD then you should strictly avoid an infrared sauna without your doctor’s consultation to avoid any future complications.

Also, if you are a patient with a history of various diseases like heart issues, renal failure, angina pectoris, and Alzheimer’s disease then again Infrared sauna is not for you.


Cataracts are the clouding of the lens due to age-related components. According to a study, it can also be caused due to long-term use of the infrared sauna.

Deficiency of Nutrients

One of the popular advantages of an infrared sauna is detoxification. But using an infrared sauna for the long-term can lead to a deficiency of various nutrients that is vital to human growth and survival.

Try to make a healthy meal and various fruits to avoid any depletion of nutrients due to the long-term use of the infrared sauna.

Pregnancy and Menstrual Cycle

Try to avoid taking an infrared sauna session during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. Due to the deep penetration of waves into the body, this may cause harm to the child in the mother’s womb. Moreover, it can be injurious during the menstrual cycle as it can lead to over-bleeding in some women. So, it is better to avoid infrared sauna during these conditions.

Does Infrared Sauna Cause Cancer?

Many people are believing in the myths that long-term exposure to infrared saunas can cause cancer as it uses infrared waves to heat up the body. This may be because people are confusing ultraviolet radiation with infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation is the normal heat with a little longer wavelength than visible light. We experience exposure to this on daily basis. However, UV radiations are harmful to live beings but now it can reach the earth in particular regions due to ozone layer depletion. Ultraviolet radiation can potentially cause cancer and various eye disease. So, we can conclude that infrared saunas have nothing to do with cancer.

Precautions for Infrared Sauna?

You should take relative precautions while exposing yourself to something unusual. The heat in the infrared sauna is not normal so you should deal with carefulness especially if it is your first sauna session.

Hydrate Yourself

Never forget to hydrate yourself before taking a sauna session. Try to keep a bottle of water or any of your favorite juice with you to balance your body water that is lost due to extreme sweating.

Moreover, don’t forget to hydrate yourself after the sauna session as well. Drink the maximum water possible for at least an hour to avoid dehydration.\

Take a Shower

This is not only for your security but for the others as well who are taking a shared sauna with you. Taking a shower before the sauna helps to cease the penetration of bacteria.

Safe Temperature

Try to go for a lower temperature if you are taking a sauna for the first time. Don’t be hasty to sweat a lot and overburden your body. But keep it as lower as possible to get adapted to it. We have also written a guide here that you can check for the optimal sauna temperature.

Do Not Move Out Quickly

Do not move out of the sauna session quickly as the sudden change in temperature can cause severe headaches and yes you collapse as well. Try to moderate yourself by lowering the temperature and then move out of the room.


There are no particular side effects of the infrared sauna unless and until you are not aware of your physical and medical condition. Try to consult your doctor if you are having any chronic disease and special medication. Now that you know the infrared sauna dangers, you should take some precautions when using it.

That’s just it and you are good to go to enjoy your relaxation period.

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